July 2018 Plan With Me

July is the best and worst month of the year lol! I know, I’m a contradiction.   It’s the best because it’s strawberry season, my favorite fruit! It’s the worst cuz of the crazy heat in LA. The Valley turns into an unbearable sauna! It’s the best because it’s my birthday month! July babies, it’s our time to shine! It’s the worst cuz it’s my birthday month. Lol! This month’s planner theme is dedicated to… Read More »July 2018 Plan With Me

June Goal Setting

I’ve got big, big plans for you June! I feel like I say that about every month lol. But really, life has been great! Not saying that life is full of ups. Trust me, every day is a challenge. I never know what kind of hand I’m going to be dealt. But because my goal in April was to focus on “faith” and May was to “simplify.” I know my outlook toward every day life… Read More »June Goal Setting

May Plan With Me

What?! It’s May!? Can’t believe 4 whole months of 2018 passed by just like that. Thanks to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge I’ve been able to share some new things on the blog. I’ve already started a Entrepreneur Diaries Series and a Plan with Me Series but I’ve been wanting to make a regular video series out of it on my Youtube Channel for a long time now.  The Word of the Month for May is “simple.” I really want to… Read More »May Plan With Me