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November Plan With Me and Goal Setting

Wow! I’m late -__- I completely forgot to post my November Plan with Me on the blog! I think the rest of the year is going to be centered around minimalist layouts. I find it less overwhelming to design, helps me focus on what matters, and easier to use! My goals for this month are focused on getting into the right headspace so I can be productive again. September and October were rough months for… Read More »November Plan With Me and Goal Setting

Minimalistic October Plan with Me

Goes to show how I’ve been so off my blogging game! I posted my October Plan with Me video almost a week ago and I never went onto the blog…smh. Now that I’ve been using a digital planner for over 6 months I can safely say I’m never going back. As much as I love paper this is just too great to go back lol! I actually decided on this design because I just couldn’t… Read More »Minimalistic October Plan with Me

August Plan with Me

I’m really excited for a new month! I don’t know what it was about July, but I just wasn’t feelin it. Maybe cause it just started to get really hot this month and I hate the heat. We’re talking 118 degrees Fahrenheit¬†¬†and over 100 degrees for most of the month. She’s not down with that. I know August is still a really hot month but we’re getting closer and closer to fall which is my… Read More »August Plan with Me