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July 2018 Plan With Me

July is the best and worst month of the year lol! I know, I’m a contradiction.   It’s the best because it’s strawberry season, my favorite fruit! It’s the worst cuz of the crazy heat in LA. The Valley turns into an unbearable sauna! It’s the best because it’s my birthday month! July babies, it’s our time to shine! It’s the worst cuz it’s my birthday month. Lol! This month’s planner theme is dedicated to… Read More »July 2018 Plan With Me

Digital Bullet Journal Templates Officially on Etsy

It’s finally here! I’ve been working on this for quite some time, using them myself, and I finally put them online!   My Digital Bullet Journal templates are now in my Etsy Shop. I’ll be selling the blank pages for those that want to use the templates in their own unique way. You can buy it as a set or you can purchase the pages individually. I’ll also be selling my layouts for the month… Read More »Digital Bullet Journal Templates Officially on Etsy

How I Came up with my Planner Design

I’ve always had a planner/organizer, even when I was in middle school. Cuz you know, middle schoolers have so much going on lol! My mom had this giant planner that she carried around with her everywhere. I still have it to this day. It had her entire life in it. It’s like I can’t part with it because it was such a big part of who she was. Is that weird? She would take it to work,… Read More »How I Came up with my Planner Design