Dreams and Realities – Installment No. 2

We’ve been enjoying life and planning for the future a lot lately. I guess time does that to a person, it forces you to look at life a certain way. Right now, our outlook is on the near future – what we hope to accomplish in the next 3 years, how our lifestyle is going to change, what we’re going to do with our financial plan, etc. Basically, stuff that makes me super excited. Charlie –… Read More »Dreams and Realities – Installment No. 2

Disney’s Cars Inspired Cake

Today is very exciting for me. It’s my first time sharing with all my readers the cakes that Charlie and I do. Those that know me knows that my family owns a local bakery in Granada Hills called Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe. I’ve been around Filipino baking and cooking my entire life because of them. Lucky me! In October of 2008, after a long story of money wasted, we opened Ninong’s for the first time.… Read More »Disney’s Cars Inspired Cake