Christmas Recap – Was I Naughty or Nice This Year?

So Christmas just came and went am I right? Our Christmas this year was a bit crazy seeing as we were traveling on Christmas Eve. We went to Vegas this year with some family and to also visit my family for the holiday. I wanted to try to see everyone this year hoping that it would make up for some loneliness I’ve been trying not to feel this year. Immediately after our flight back home… Read More »Christmas Recap – Was I Naughty or Nice This Year?

Top 3 Holiday Party Must Haves

We’re hosting our annual Christmas party with our friends after the holidays again this year and I love doing it. As the years go by we see less and less of our friends simply because life gets in the way. But we all remember that at the very least, we hope to be together during Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you’re hosting Christmas this year here are my top 3 must haves: 1. Christmas decor. Inside… Read More »Top 3 Holiday Party Must Haves

2016 Christmas Shipping Deadlines – Stuff we Like

Just to note, we don’t really like this lol. Holiday shopping is always a little stressful when it comes to online shopping. You always worry about getting items in time to wrap and give to your loved ones. But we do like informing all our friends out there in Internet land so you’re prepared! 🙂 Here are your shipping deadlines for Christmas! Those of us who are shopping online make sure you order with plenty… Read More »2016 Christmas Shipping Deadlines – Stuff we Like