Top 3 Holiday Party Must Haves

We’re hosting our annual Christmas party with our friends after the holidays again this year and I love doing it. As the years go by we see less and less of our friends simply because life gets in the way. But we all remember that at the very least, we hope to be together during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
If you’re hosting Christmas this year here are my top 3 must haves:

1. Christmas decor. Inside and out people! 🙂 Help your guests get in the Christmas spirit by decking your halls with festive decorations. I know the thing that warms my heart this time of year is seeing all the lights and decorations. I always look on Pinterest for inspiration and budget friendly decor that I can make myself like this Coffee Filter Wreath by Lilluna. I got so many compliments on this bad boy, and it cost me less than $10!

2. Christmas music. Have a Spotify account? Make a playlist of your favorite Christmas jams that fits the mood of your party. Have a Pandora account? Start curating your “Pentatonix Holiday” radio station well before your party. Hit thumbs up on those songs that you know will get your guests singing along. Add artists to your station to get more variety. The last thing you want is the wrong song playing that kills the mood. For me, my favorite Christmas album is Home for Christmas by *NSYNC.

3. A menu centerpiece. During Thanksgiving the main attraction is the turkey. For Christmas, the main attraction at our parties is the beef roast. Pick one or 2 dishes that set the theme for your party. This Christmas, ours is a roast beef and ham!


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