FAQ: iPhone and iPad Cases

Since the launch of our iPhone and iPad case designs (now lovingly called Damage Control by CO) we have been getting quite a few questions so I thought I’d take this time to answer them!

Q: Where can I get your cases?
A: Our cases are currently available in our Etsy store. We also recently put up our look book up on our Facebook Page!

Q: How much are your cases?
A: Our iPhone cases come in 3 types for Summer 2012: Compact, Durable, and Credit. Our Compact and Durable Cases are $36.00, and our Credit Case costs $40.00. For our Summer 2012 line,  our iPads come in 2 types: Hard Cover and Folio. They both cost $50.00. If you want to create a custom case, maybe with your logo, a photo, or a custom design that we create for you it’s an additional $10.

Q: Do you offer cases for other devices?
A: Yes, we do! You can contact us with your device type and we can let you know if we can create a case for it.

Q: How long does it take for my case to arrive?
A: Today, our cases have a 8 business day turn around time. You will get an “Order Processed” email when the order time begins. We order cases twice a week.

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