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Compact Cases for the iPad are Here!!!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Ok…maybe it’s the moment I’VE been waiting for. But the Compact cases for the iPad and iPad Mini are here!!!! OMG, I’ve been waiting for this for a while (since September 2012 to be exact). And they’re here, they’re finally here! (Ok Kissa, contain your excitement!)   These (of course) will come in our Fall 2012 designs except for the Composition Case (sorry folks). And if our… Read More »Compact Cases for the iPad are Here!!!

Ray’s Hope Lives On – Triccie’s Custom iPhone 5 Cases

Ray was our very first customer for our iPhone cases. You can read more about his case design here. I never thought that we would be designing cases to remember him by. Sigh…it’s bittersweet to be honest. We miss him so much, but I really liked how these cases turned out for his cousin Triccie and his sister Bing. They have new iPhone 5’s! Lucky ladies! I’m not due for an upgrade until January 😉… Read More »Ray’s Hope Lives On – Triccie’s Custom iPhone 5 Cases

Helena’s Custom iPhone Case

Thanks to Making Things Happen, I have some great friends I never would have met otherwise. One of those beautiful friends is Helena. She’s a rock star wedding planner based in San Diego and owns her business, Divine Events by Helena. When I first met her in 2010, I was completely inspired by her talent, her passion for her business, and her unbreakable love for her family. Back in September, I was lucky enough to… Read More »Helena’s Custom iPhone Case