14 Year Anniversary!

Holy smokes! Have we really been together for 14 years?! It definitely doesn’t feel like it, Babe. Life with you has been so fulfilling. To see you happy, to see you accomplish your goals, to see your relationship with the … Read More

13 April Fool’s Days

My dearest husband, 13 years ago, our journey as a couple officially began. I can’t believe it’s been that long, I still feel like we’re 20 and hopelessly in love. We’ve been April Fools for 13 years and I’ve loved every … Read More

It’s Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today at 4:30 pm we’ll be married for 5 years. OMG! 5 years!? I can’t believe it. How is that even possible? I was telling one of my best friends how Facebook has been helping me reminisce leading up to … Read More