Going Completely Mobile

For the past year I’ve wanted to go completely mobile (aka do 100% of my work on my iPad or iPhone). With the advancements of tablets in the last few years I’ve been anxious to try to make it work. I have a great set up with my iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil. I absolutely love the iPad Pro, it has changed the way I’m able to do business. Compared to my laptop… Read More »Going Completely Mobile

Today, I’m Sad

I have to put a pause on my scheduled 30 day blogging challenge because…well because I just have to. But before we talk about why I want to talk about something else. I was taught that you should always respect people. And I’m a firm believer that everyone has my respect unless you prove many times over that you don’t deserve it. That’s just the way I am, it was how I was raised. But… Read More »Today, I’m Sad

November Plan With Me and Goal Setting

Wow! I’m late -__- I completely forgot to post my November Plan with Me on the blog! I think the rest of the year is going to be centered around minimalist layouts. I find it less overwhelming to design, helps me focus on what matters, and easier to use! My goals for this month are focused on getting into the right headspace so I can be productive again. September and October were rough months for… Read More »November Plan With Me and Goal Setting