Why I’m Back to Blogging

Kissa, Charlie, Micah, and Angelie at a pop up

I’m back y’all and wow, how things have changed since I last posted! Don’t get me wrong, I know 3 years in social media time is a LONG time. I know a lot can happen in that amount of time, and boy is there a lot to catch you up on. But let’s do this little by little. I don’t want to scare you off! 😆

Let’s do a quick recap, what’s happened since I posted 3 years ago? We’ll go into detail as we go but here’s the rundown:
1. We went from a family of 3 to 4! In November of 2022 we had our baby girl, Angelie (aka Gelie pronounced “jelly”).
2. I starting making sourdough (this is more recent, the last month or so) and I’m obsessed
3. We’ve done more renovations on our home like Gelie’s room and the kids’ bathroom.
4. I launched The Notion Mama, which is my Notion Consulting business.
5. Ninong’s Dessert Lab has continued to evolve into a CPG business and less of a bake shop concept.
6. Charlie launched his own brand, Charlie Iza-Kuya, and started doing supper clubs and selling his own line of CPG products.
7. Micah is going to start TK and going to school full time in the next school year
8. Gelie will start a toddler program this coming summer or fall.

So why come back?
1. To be honest, because I love it. I’ve always had a soft spot for blogging, it’s almost therapeutic to me. Writing lets me get my thoughts in order, helps me think about situations more clearly, and allows me to look back on moments in life that I might have forgotten.
2. Knowing what I know now about the internet and social media landscape it just reinforces my instinct that blogging is just as important as any other medium. In addition to that, I own this blog. If the major social media platforms one day choose to just stop operating one day my blog will still be here.
3. Long form content will have a special place in my heart.
4. I still have so much to share! Mom life (I have 2 kids now!), entrepreneur life, productivity…stuff I love hasn’t really changed but I have. My perspective has changed because of being a mom and a more seasoned entrepreneur and I’m better for it. I can’t wait to share my reflections, thoughts, and plans!

I hope you’ll join me back here. You’ll see me around these parts, back on Pinterest, back on YouTube – all in due time. Can’t wait!

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