March Favorites

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There are certain things that have been absolute game changers lately and thought I could share. As a person that is usually running around like a crazy person I find it easier when people recommend things that make their lives more simple. So I just wanted to pay it forward in hopes I might be able to help someone else! Also, this is going to be a wide spectrum of products, no specific genre. Just things that make life easy. Enough jabber, here’s 5 things that I’m currently loving.

Atomic Habits by James Clear. I don’t want to write a whole book report on here for you, but I could cuz it was a GAME. CHANGER. Just go, go read it now.

Airpods by Apple. I have the generation below, not the pros and they’re amazing! I’m not big on sound quality so I don’t really know much about the world of audio, but I love how easy they are to use and how long the battery lasts.

Laptop Bag. I got this bag for Christmas and I love this bag! It’s big enough where I can fit everything from my iPad to diapers to bottled water. I love that it has so many compartments to keep everything in its place (as long as I keep it organized, of course). But hey, that’s on me lol. I have the one in gray.

Yeti 20 oz cup. We also got this for Christmas and I use it pretty much every day. Not much to say about it except it works and it’s great! We have the Seafoam color.

Dry Wipes. I love the Water Wipes brand but I’m not about to spend that much for wipes. In the beginning of the pandemic it was SO hard to find wipes and we needed them for Micah! So I searched on Amazon and found these dry wipes. You can create your own wet wipes with just water (which is what we do) or a mixture of water with a little bit of baby soap and/or a drop or 2 of essential oil. These from Amazon come out to a little over $0.02 per wipe vs. the average of $0.05 for Water Wipes.

If there are any products that you’re loving that are making your life easier please let me know! I’m always on the hunt!



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