I’m Telling you This Cuz I Love You

The harsh truth is if you’re complaining about your current situation, looking for someone to blame about how hard things are, focusing on your shortcomings, and not being proactive to make change for yourself then things are just going to be the same.

How do I know? It’s cuz I’ve been there, Boo.

2020 was the absolute hardest for my entrepreneurial career (as I’m sure it was for many). It was the hardest year to own a business, let alone a restaurant. And 2021 isn’t getting any easier. I had to make really hard decisions. At times I would stay up at night worrying about our future. I had no idea how to stay afloat or if it was even possible. My family and my team was putting their health at risk for our business. We had friends contracting and dying from this virus. We eventually had to close our restaurant. Among other difficult things.

I know. You and I have a lot to complain about. I could choose to focus on that. I could choose to point blame, be bitter, and fester in my anger. But what would that do? Nothing. It would only keep me where the enemy wants me, stewing in negativity.

When I’m in a negative place I feel overwhelmed, hopeless, scared, angry. It paralyzes me. It keeps me from thinking clearly. I steers me away from what matters most and what I’m truly passionate about. It distracts me so that I stay stagnant and keeps me from moving forward.

I’m not saying to just ignore your feelings. Your feelings are valid. Feel those feels, don’t pretend they don’t exist. But it’s what we do with those feelings that says a lot about us. If I’m angry am I going to spew out more anger? I can, but I’m going to choose not to.

As humans we have choices. Especially in this moment in history our values and good in the world is at stake. Though I may be just 1 person, I’m going to choose positivity. Even when I experience those negative feelings, I choose to acknowledge them and then channel that energy into positivity and improvement. I truly believe that is how our society will be able to move forward.

When I could have been bitter about how my life has turned out I chose to pick my self up and take it 1 step at a time. I let go of what I couldn’t control and put my head down and worked on myself. I figured out how to move forward, how to cut off all the excess and unnecessary, and THRIVE. 

So when we’re in the mood to rant, be angry, place blame, or quick to judge (because I know we all will), let’s remind ourselves to process those feelings and move past them by creating healthy change. I know it can be difficult, it may be a hard pill to swallow, or you simply don’t want to be positive and you want to be bitter. But when we’re backed into a corner or feel like we’re in a deep hole that we can’t get out of, I challenge us all to channel that pressure and redirect it into action. Be proactive about changing your life and in time it will change for the better!

If you feel like you need help with your business to pivot during this time I’m here for you! Contact me to schedule a clarity call and let’s work together!

Lots of love,


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