What I have in my Notion Daily Journal

Hello September! I just can’t believe how this year is turning out. As a mom and entrepreneur it has been scary to say the least. But truthfully, there has been a lot of self-awareness and reflection that has been needed. It’s an unexpected year, but a year of improvement in ways that I never expected.

Though this wasn’t on my goals list for 2020 it became a goal of mine to improve my mindset this year. One big takeaway I’ve had from 2020 is that there are only certain things we can control – environment, perspective, and choices. And I’ve made a decision that I’m going to improve my mindset so that those 3 things can be at its most optimal.

I created a September Notion Update video on YouTube to show how I set up my Daily Journal entries and how I’ve updated my Weekly Agenda.

I’ve updated my weekly agenda set up in this video and I also started implementing a daily journal.

Here are some things I’ve updated in my weekly agenda:

  1. I added my daily journal entries at the top.
  2. I removed my 2 different task areas (Originally I had recurring and 1-time tasks) and combined them into 1. I decided to keep it in my Weekly View and do away with the other view.
  3. I added reflection question prompts to my weekly reflection area. I’ve been struggling with journaling because I feel paralyzed when it comes time to start writing. I’m excited to see if these prompts help me to be more excited about my weekly reflections.

Here’s what I have in my daily journal:

  1. I wanted to make better food choices (I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant) so I’ve been modifying my diet and checking my blood sugar levels.
  2. I migrated my daily gratitude and accomplishments from my weekly agenda to my daily journal.
  3. I’ve also added a mood tracker to my dailies.
  4. Then in the body of my daily journals I have my morning routine, I have a section to help me decide what I want to prioritize for the day (no more than 3), my tasks that are due that day, a daily reflection section, and my night routine.

I’ve been implementing this for a couple weeks now and I’ve found that it does great things for my mindset. I can’t wait to improve upon my set up and share it with you next month!



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