5 Things I Didn’t Know About Postpartum Recovery

I was so concerned about being pregnant and giving birth. I had no idea about the “4th Trimester.” Don’t get me wrong. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it was way harder than I thought it would be. From postpartum recovery, to issues with breast feeding, to learning how to take care of a newborn, it was all so overwhelming.

Micah and I during our last day at the hospital

Postpartum recovery after a c-section is no joke. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for it but I definitely didn’t think it through. Here are the 5 things I didn’t know about postpartum recovery.

  1. You’ll need help even with the simplest of things. Getting up from the couch, getting out of bed, picking something up from the floor, I couldn’t even do those things myself. Everyone recovers at a different pace, ask for help when you need it.
  2. Your lower abdomen will go numb. I’m assuming it’s because nerves in that area are being cut and will take time to repair itself. Not sure if that’s accurate or not. At almost 4 months postpartum I got some of the feeling in my lower stomach back, but after an inch below my belly button I still can’t feel it.
  3. Not everyone’s milk comes in right away. I wasn’t breast fed as a baby, and the little information I learned from birthing classes made me think that I would just be able to feed my baby right away. Well, that’s not what happened for me. I had trouble and didn’t really figure things out until Micah was about 6 weeks old. My milk didn’t come in until about a week after he was born, and we had to supplement with formula. It was such a stressful thing for me because he was losing weight so quickly and it made me feel this immense self-inflicted stress. Of course, that only made the situation worse.
  4. Constipation is real. I know, I know, TMI. But I’m serious y’all. Especially if you’re going to have an epidural or will need pain management because of your c-section I beg of you, take the stool softeners!
  5. Not everything will go to plan. Let’s be real – my plan went completely out the window! I’ve learned to let things play out, observe, and then adapt. That flexibility has kept me and my sanity in tact these first few months as a mom.

Main lesson learned, give yourself grace mamas! You’ll figure it out, and you’re going to be great!

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