My First Mother’s Day

It was a day filled with emotions.

Even the days leading up to it were a rollercoaster of emotions for me.

I’m so excited.
I’m so sad.
I can’t wait to celebrate this day with Charlie and Micah.
I miss my mom, I wish she were here.
I’m disappointed that I have to celebrate my first Mother’s Day in quarantine.
I’m blessed to be celebrating this day at all.
I can’t believe my baby boy is here, he made me a mom!
I remember the pain and sadness I felt the last few Mother’s Days.

Charlie was determined to make this day special despite everything. He knew exactly what his game plan would be weeks in advance! I felt so loved and so special, thank you Hubs! I LOVE YOU!

He prepared an amazing sushi lunch and dinner for me. If you guys know me you know that Japanese food is my favorite, I could eat it for every meal! He also spent the last 2 weeks cleaning up our backyard area because he knows how much I want to extend our living space into our yard. We have a big yard area and I want to maximize the space we have and use it. So he cleaned up our patio area, put up pretty twinkle lights and a white tarp so we can watch movies, and created an inflatable lounge area for us so we could relax out there. It was amazing, everything I could have dreamed of and more!

I decided to vlog my very first Mother’s Day. It was also my very first vlog ever. I learned so much about vlogging and what I would do next time. The main reason I wanted to vlog was because I didn’t want to forget how I felt, both good and bad. Sharing both sides of my emotions has always been something hard for me to do, but there’s a reason why I should allow myself to feel them. And I wanted to acknowledge it in this video.

I hope all of you had an amazing Mother’s Day. Whether you’re a mom or a mother figure, if you have experienced love or experienced loss, I hope you found a reason to celebrate.


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