Going Completely Mobile

For the past year I’ve wanted to go completely mobile (aka do 100% of my work on my iPad or iPhone). With the advancements of tablets in the last few years I’ve been anxious to try to make it work.

I have a great set up with my iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil. I absolutely love the iPad Pro, it has changed the way I’m able to do business. Compared to my laptop the battery life is great, it’s more lightweight, and is so easy to use. I’m able to record my podcast, write posts for my blog, basic bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online, use it for my digital planner, and even edit photos on it.

Unfortunately, I can’t go 100% mobile at this time. If I didn’t do a good amount of graphic design I think I’d be able to. Since I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign on a regular basis the laptop must stay. On top of that the user experience and functionality of some of the apps aren’t as robust and are sometimes a bit buggy compared to its browser or desktop version.

What I’m excited about is the capability of the new iPad Pros. If you saw the most recent keynote in Brooklyn I saw that Adobe is going to be creating some really great apps for the iPad that I hope will be able to replace the software on my laptop. I’m in no place able to upgrade my iPad (yet) but it’s definitely on my list!

As of right now, I’m 90% mobile. I mostly use my laptop only when I’m in the office. If I’m working remotely or at a cafe I’m usually just using my iPad. My goal is to go 100% mobile. Use 1 device that I can take everywhere, that I can maintain, take with me while traveling, etc.

Do you want to go fully mobile?

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