30 Day Blog Challenge November – Let’s Try This Again!

I’m restarting my 30 Day Blog Challenge TODAY! I’m sitting here at 11:04 pm on Nov. 1st writing this post because I’m determined to get back into a routine. DETERMINED I TELL YOU!

I feel like September and October just threw me out of wack, and my 30 day blogging challenge for last month went with it. My motivation, my sense of urgency, and my productivity has just been really low. I mean, I have my good days but most of the days I just did the bare minimum.

I really don’t like the feeling of running around with no plan. I don’t care so much if the plan changes or morphs into something else, as long as there is effort, thought, and intent behind it. When I feel like I’m just wandering aimlessly I feel like I’m running in place and even if I wanted to go somewhere I don’t know where that would be.

For me, where there is structure and planning there is peace. Yes, I’m not as tightly wound about strictly sticking to that plan. But I just like to have one so I feel like I have goals, purpose for every action, you know, that type-A sort of thing.

So here I am, new month. Day 1 of 30. Another attempt to get my routine back on track. Starting with this blog, aka my thoughts and feelings.

Let’s see what November holds, eh?


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