My Morning Routine – Importance of Quiet Time

Over the years I’ve realized how important a morning routine is to anyone, but more-so for an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur it’s very easy to get lost in the day-to-day and just attack things as they fall into your lap. I find myself walking into work or waking up in the morning and seeing “fires” I feel like I immediately need to put out. But without goals, an action plan, and a consistent routine it’s so difficult to move, feel organized, focused, or on track.

Casey Neistat posted a recent video about his morning routine and what he does to get things done. I’ve seen it posted by almost every entrepreneur, motivation, or self-help blog. And while we all know it’s important to get in the right mindset before you take on your day I find it funny that most entrepreneurs don’t follow a routine. For many years, I was one of them.

In the last few years my life has been really crazy, to say the least. Between all my projects and businesses to having a personal life I always tend to feel like I’m running around in circles. If there’s one thing I know for sure – having a morning routine has given me more peace and has set me up for a great day every time. No matter how the day turns out.

My morning routine is different since every day looks a little different for me. But on the days I work at the restaurant this is what a typical morning looks like.

  1. First thing I’ll do is have some quiet time – I’ll read my bible and pray. This is the most important for me. Having that 10-20 minutes in the morning before all the crap starts rushing in makes all the difference.
  2. Then I’ll brush my teeth, wash my face, get ready for work, etc.
  3. After that I usually have a 5-10 minute window before I have to leave, I’ll usually jump onto social media or check my email. Either that or I’ll tidy up the house a little.
  4. When I get to work I’ll open up my planner and all my productivity apps so I get an idea of what my day will look like. This is my chance to look at my habit tracker, my month at a glance, goals, and weekly spread.

I’ve noticed that if I follow this routine my mind isn’t running on overdrive the entire day. Since I’ve viewed my to do list and goals in the morning it reminds me to keep these things in the forefront and to not sweat the small stuff. Everything will get done in its time. Plus, it helps me to stay more productive throughout the day.

I think the most important thing is to find what works best for you. Some people are more productive in the morning, some at night. But no matter what, having that few moments for yourself doing things that will make you better is a must before you start your day.


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