Big Dreams Small Steps

It’s so easy to jump the gun. You have these big dreams and ideas. You just want to get to the finish line already! You just want to achieve your goal. Maybe that’s starting a business, turning a profit, creating or mass producing a product, inventing something – who knows! But I’m here to tell you, give yourself time. Every dream that becomes a reality is comprised of small steps that get you closer to achieving that dream.

Be patient with yourself. I remember when I started my first business – it was a wedding planning business. I was 19, I was naive and just eager. I had so many ideas that I wanted to implement. I wanted to plan weddings and events, I wanted to start designing events, I wanted to do rentals, the list just started going on and on with ideas to help make me more profitable.

What I learned over time is to give it time. We have all these great ideas but let me be real with you for a sec – those dreams require money. And as a new entrepreneur, it was money that I didn’t have.

I should’ve told myself that I needed to start “small.” Cuz man, even starting small is a big accomplishment! But I didn’t see it that way. I wanted to succeed NOW. I wasn’t willing to wait. This is where I learned a lot about setting a solid foundation for your business to build upon.

Start with 1 product or service – and do it well. Let that 1 thing give you experience, let it help you learn and grow. When it starts to grow out of what you can handle, let go of the reins a little and start to hire out. When you find a good workflow for you and your team start to let go of some of the control and hire managers.

You see, everyone has to start from square 1. Everyone. Nurture your business, your big dreams. Let it grow, step by step, and watch it flourish. Don’t rush the process, that’s where we learn the most.


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