30 Day Blog Challenge – Round 2!

I’m excited to start round 2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge! Last round was beneficial for me in so many ways – I learned more about myself, it forced me to find a compelling story in what seems to be the mundane every day, and it gave me the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment for completing something I set my mind to.

This time around my goal is consistency. I’m hoping that by the end of these next 30 days (28 days when you’re reading this) I’ll come out of this escapade re-inspired to write. I honestly don’t know why I feel so lackluster about blogging, but I think the root of it all is because there’s a mental shift that happens when I write. As if I’m writing it into existence, and quite honestly, it’s exhausting some times. Because I’ve had to deal with things that I don’t want to be real I think I’ve avoided the idea of writing all together.

The reality, though, is that you (I) can’t avoid reality. We can try to pretend it’s not there for a while but eventually you have to face it. And this is me doing that. So cheers to 30 days of consistency and routine! Haha, what a funny thing to cheers to!


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