October Goal Setting

If you didn’t already know, I’m a big goal setter. Understatement of all time amirite lol! This month means there is only 3 more months left before 2018 is behind us. I can’t believe I’m saying that! I know I’m not the only one that agrees 2018 just came and went.

I always feel like October is a balancing act for me. It’s that fine line between prepping for the next year without forgetting to stay present and focus on today. As a goal setter it’s so easy to just throw away the last few moments of time because you’re prepping for the next thing.

Heather and I recorded out October 2018 Goal Setting podcast episode yesterday. I’m excited for this month – there’s a lot of great things happening and I’m looking forward to accomplishing my goals!

My dad and Charlie’s dad both have birthdays in October, Charlie and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary on the 8th, we have a pop-up event for Ninong’s called Eat Play Move LA at the end of the month, and Ninong’s is celebrating our 10 year anniversary on the 11th! See – lots happening this month!

On top of all these things I think I’m pretty excited to get back on track this month. September was a really hard month for me, losing Baxter really changed our lives in a way that I wasn’t prepared for. But toward the end of the month things started to sort of level out, and I feel like October is going to be trying to create a routine for ourselves again.

October goals:
1. Create a daily routine
2. YouTube
3. Start preparing for next year’s plans (little by little, this is going to be part of my goals for the next 3 months.)
4. Blogging

I’m starting round 2 of my 30 day Blog Challenge today! This is going to be my blogging goal for the month with hopes that I can get back into a rhythm with writing. I’ll definitely be checking in on the blog with how my goals pan out this month so stay tuned!


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