Don’t let Anyone Tell you Otherwise

Photo by: Sarah Pflug
In the 10 years my family has owned our restaurant we’ve noticed many trends with the large amounts of people we interact with on a daily basis. The number 1 thing I know is we are so blessed to meet and encounter wonderful people in our community every day. It’s a privilege and a blessing to be able to share our family recipes with others! We’re thankful for them beyond measure. But on the other side of it I noticed the entitlement and lack of manners in our society.
I’ve become almost numb to the way people treat me, my family, and my team as people that work laborious jobs. Almost. When I see people treat others disrespectfully it really bothers me. Being in various customer service and restaurant industries I’ve been talked to badly just because of my role or position they think I’m in. I’ve seen it at other places too, as a customer observing the employees being barked at by other customers. I’m honestly not sure what people are thinking when they see servers, cooks, janitors, sales people, etc. and automatically assume we are beneath them. There’s this sense of hierarchy that I guess I didn’t realize was there. People have snapped their fingers at me like I’m their maid (which should never be done to a cleaning person or anyone btw). People have ignored me completely because they think I’m not in a position that is worthy of attention. People have treated and talked to me differently just because I’m serving people food or bussing a table. 
I mean even if I am a server, a cook, a cleaning lady, or a dishwasher, so what? My “status” is irrelevant. What makes me so different that people think they can talk to me rudely? Cuz they can’t, they shouldn’t. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. More importantly, don’t let anyone have that much power over you.
I realized that this issue transcends a lot of industries. It’s sad that out of 98% of the people that are kind and respectful the 2% have enough power to make someone’s day or life miserable. We can’t let them have this kind of control. I say enough is enough!
I’m saddened for our society and what I’ve noticed. I watch the news and see more disrespect and hate toward each other than ever before. I see it online and in social media. I see the comments on people’s feeds, posts, and videos that are racist, sexist, prejudiced. People can’t respectful disagree with each other. I see it in my restaurant too. I hear people talking about how they don’t want to speak to a relative or friend anymore because of differing lifestyles, beliefs, and political views. Where is the grace? Where are the manners? Where is the love for our neighbor? Do we really live in a time where there are people that take time out of their lives to be mean and spread hate in this world because it makes them feel better about themselves? It’s unfortunate. I vowed that I would never be that customer or that person. 
If you’re that shining light in people’s lives then you can make someone’s day brighter. You can give them that little push they might need to get through the day. It’s not easy to always be positive or see the good. I know it’s probably easier to gossip, troll, or be mean. There are times that LAWD KNOWS I’ve wanted to go. off! They are so lucky I’ve learned to hold my tongue and just show people some grace. I don’t want to revolve my life around negativity and find gratification in putting someone else down. Who would want that? Who would want to be the person that no one wants to be around because they’re so negative? I’m a firm believer that 1 person can make a difference. Working on this side of customer service has taught me so much about gratitude, kindness, grace, and manners. You can be that 1 person it someone’s life and not even know it. You can make an impact in a good way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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