What’s in my Purse – Every Day Essentials

I had dinner with one of my best friends a while back. While we were driving to our favorite sushi spot I asked her to grab my purse from the back seat. She reclined her seat and suddenly said, “WOW! What do you have in there?! Your purse is like 20 lbs!”

I’m admittedly one of those ladies that just has everything in her purse. I have the hardest time using small bags because I’m always worried I might need something while I’m out and not have it on me. I end up having everything under the sun in my purse lol!

  • I have a large bulky wallet with every active card I have. This is including my library card which I don’t even need on my person because I borrow library books online. I even have my Vegas rewards cards. WHY?!
  • I have a zipper pouch that has all my cosmetics which is pretty normal. But I also have a bottle of allergy medicine (yes a whole bottle), melatonin, and green tea pills. Like I’m going to need melatonin while I’m out LOL! I should really take that out of my purse.
  • I have my iPhone and iPad. When I was using a paper planner I had that in my bag too, but thankfully I’ve migrated my planner to my iPad.
  • I have a spare battery to charge my iPhone and iPad in case I’m out and about and am running low on battery. I rarely use this, TBH, unless I’m traveling. I should take this out of my purse too.
  • I also have a zipper pouch with charging cables in it – lightning cable, micro USB, and Apple Watch.
  • I’ve got other random but needed stuff hand sanitizer in there, sun glasses, hand lotion, wipes, business cards, receipts, keys, headphones, etc. I actually found cold medicine in there too. I can’t get myself to take it out haha!

Clearly I could do better about lightening up the load in my purse lol! Having to carry this much weight is actually pretty annoying. I just can’t help myself. I’m such a “what-if” person. I’m always scared that I’m going to be somewhere and I won’t have something I need.

Despite my purse hoarding issues there are things that I use every day that I definitely can’t live without (besides my phone and iPad). Here are 5 of my current every day essentials:

  1. Tinted lip balm
  2. Hand lotion
  3. Wipes
  4. Mirror
  5. Allergy medicine

Maybe that should be one of my goals for next month, get a smaller purse and lighten up my load. What do you think?



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