April Favorites

This month has been an interesting one. A lot of ups and downs, Easter, tax day, warm weather, cold weather. I just feel like it’s been a weird one. With all these highs and lows it has taken a toll on me mentally and physically so looking for a routine and things that pick me up has been really important.

I’ve been really tired lately, I’m thinking it’s just because I can’t mentally relax. I’m always thinking, trying to stay on my toes, and be alert. Needless to say, the bags and dark circles under my eyes are starting to form. I cry as I type this! Yo’ gurl gettin’ old! Luckily I discovered this Botanics All Bright Eye Roll-On 0.5 oz. Changed my world! I use it in the morning and before bed. I really like the feeling of the roll on, it cools and tightens the skin under my eyes.

While we’re talking skincare I started dry brushing a few months ago and really love it! It’s great for exfoliating and leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. Not only that but it has a lot of benefits. It improves digestion, stimulates your lymphatic system, helps with cellulite and circulation, among other things. Not only that but the brush is only a few dollars! Really inexpensive for all the benefits of dry brushing. I got one that looks similar to this one below. Maybe I’ll write a post on how to dry brush!


When we went to Hawaii last February with Charlie’s family, his parents bought us all Hydroflasks and it changed the way I drink water. I  know it sounds really petty but I’ve been eyeing a Hydroflask for a while and they had these really nice ombre designs at The Exchange (the gift shop at the Hale Koa Hotel). Working in a restaurant it’s so important to stay hydrated as you’re walking around for 12+ hours and working in a hot kitchen. We got the 40 oz bottles with the wide mouth straw lid. It keeps our waters cold all day! Love it!

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram stories you know how much I love to use my planner. This month, I decided to change it up and try to go fully digital using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I was really hesitant (stationery nerd over here) but for over a year I’ve been carrying my iPad Pro and my planner with me everywhere. You can’t believe how heavy it is. I told myself that I would do both a paper and digital planner for the month of April but (spoiler alert) I’m really loving the digital planner I created. More on that later but just know that I.Love.My. Digital.Planner. Can’t live without it and probably won’t go back to paper. Though I know I’ll be tempted. What can I say, paper is just my jam. You can’t believe how much guilt I feel about going fully digital lol! Planner Addicts, trust me. If you already have an iPad and Apple Pencil or if you’ve been wanting one go for it! It’s a game changer!

I also have the Smart Cover with the keyboard and I can’t live without that either.



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