Foodie Friday – Oahu Hawaii Edition

I always say, the best way to experience a new place is through their food scene. Eat at places you’ve never been before, try food that you haven’t tasted, and ask the locals where they like to eat!

When we go to Hawaii we have our list of places to try and things to eat while we’re there. We’ve tried a bunch of places and have every intention to try more we go to Oahu. I thought I’d compile my list of places for those that have been asking 😊

1. Helena’s Hawaiian Food. THIS. IS. A. MUST! It had to be the first place I tell you about. It’s the best place you can go for Hawaiian food! My personal favorite dish is their fried butter fish with gravy. Everything is really good – there’s nothing I’ve had there that I didn’t enjoy. But O.M.G. That butter fish is just out of this world amazing. I’ve tried to make it myself, tried to find it elsewhere – nope.

Fried Butter Fish with Gravy from Helena’s

2. Poke. You’ve got to have poke when you go to Hawaii. We usually go to Foodland to get poke cuz of their convenience and variety. BUT, if you want legit poke on Oahu I would definitely check out Tanioka’s.

3. Shrimp. Another stop you just have to make while on Oahu is the shrimp stalls/trucks on the North Shore. Giovanni’s is always a popular choice, but Charlie and I love to stop at Romy’s!

4. Uncle Bo’s Restaurant. If you want to go to a place for great food and drinks we love going to Uncle Bo’s! We first found this place when I was still planning weddings, one of my clients that was getting married in Hawaii had their rehearsal dinner here. It was delicious and we’ve been back there multiple times since!

5. Last but not least, you can’t visit Oahu without stopping at Leonard’s to get some of their tasty malasadas. A malasada is a soft bread/donut that’s fried, almost like a cronut but so. much. better! My personal favorite is their haupia filled malasadas but you can’t go wrong with the classic!

Can’t wait to go back! Is it normal to have withdrawals 5 days after a trip?


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