Goal Setting Series – My Goals for 2018

2018 is right around the corner, I feel like time is flying by so quickly! Though I want to take advantage of every day and moment I have left this year, I’m really excited to start the new year.

Now that I’ve figured what I want for myself next year, it’s time to set some goals to accomplish. The objective is to cast a wide net in the beginning, then break the goals down into smaller steps. But before I get ahead of myself let’s talk about our goals for the year shall we? Be prepared, I always set out to accomplish a lot in 1 year. 😀

  • Ninongs
    • Have success at new location
    • Do more pop up events
    • Do more catering
    • Wholesale pastries and barako coffee
    • Improve offers and menu consistently
  • CO Creative Cartel
    • Rebrand and refocus
    • Create a regular blogging schedule
    • Create podcasts regularly
    • Create YouTube videos regularly
    • Create a product or service useful for my audience
    • Increase views on all platforms by 10%
  • Real Estate
    • Double amount of listings from last year
    • Increase overall business by 30%
    • Utilize social media to attract new business
    • Consistently keep in contact with my mom’s clients
    • Challenge myself to create conversations about real estate with more people
  • Good Bad Foodie
    • Create a consistent posting schedule
    • Plan more content in advance
    • Increase viewership by 30%
    • Create value on all social media platforms
  • Personal
    • Complete 3 home improvement projects
    • Travel at least 2x this year
    • Take my faith to the next level
    • Gain more self confidence
    • Cultivate more friendships

I set out goals to accomplish in each business I run as well as personal goals. Once I figure out what I want to accomplish in 12 months I break it down to monthly benchmark goals, weekly focuses, and daily tasks. Til the next planning session!


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