FAQ – Buying Real Estate in California

I’ve learned SO much in this last year of pursuing my real estate career! I’m no expert by any means, but since a lot of friends have come to me about their future in real estate I thought I’d share some of the common questions and my personal and professional observations. Most of the people that have questions are potential buyers so this post is centered on buying homes. If you have any questions about selling, feel free to contact me or comment below!

Q: How can I search for properties?
A: There are lots of sites out where you can actively search for properties, but my personal favorite to use in conjunction with my clients is Homeseekers app. It’s directly connected to our MLS system so you can see activity as we see it.

Q: I saw a house I like online, can we go take a look at it?
A: Sure! But don’t forget, it’s best to consult with a lender to get prequalified. This will help you set your budget based on your income and what you’re comfortable spending. They can also help you find the right financing options that work best for your situation. If you do this before we search for homes we’ll have really good parameters to work with!

Q: I’m thinking about buying, what do I need?
A: Well, first thing’s first. Your finances need to be in order. The best thing to do is consult with a lender or mortgage broker so they can prequalify you (aka calculate what price you can afford). What I can tell you is that you need to have a solid credit score, a down payment, and proof of solid income coming in. If you don’t have at least those 3 things my advice is to start building so you have all 3 in place. 🙂

Q: How does buying a house work?
A: To be honest, it’s a long process. But the good news is I’m here for you along the way! After you get your financials in order, the process of looking for your new home begins. You and I will sit down and really figure out what you’re looking for. Pool? Bedrooms? Location? Let’s be real, there won’t always be the perfect one – the paint might not be your cup of tea or the landscaping is a mess. But I’m here to help you sort through your checklist and make sure your top priorities for your dream home are there!

But don’t get your hopes up yet though. Let’s be honest once again (I’d never lie to you!) buying a home is a process. Finding the home you “love” doesn’t mean you’ll get it. In fact, because of low inventory of houses for sale and tons of buyers that want to live the American dream of owning a home it’s more competitive than ever. The silver lining in all this? It’s. still. possible. It’s just going to take more dedication, some patience, and a Realtor that’s ready to put in the work. *ahem* 😉

Q: Am I really committed to living in my house for 30 years? What if I want to move to a different area or want a bigger home?
A: Simple answer – NO of course you don’t have to. You’d be surprised how many people are afraid to buy just because they’re afraid of commitment lol! Just because you’re locked into a 30 year mortgage doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with that home for 30 years. If you wanted to buy a starter home or condo you have tons of options and upgrade to a larger home in the future!

Hope this answered some of your questions! Have any more? Feel free to leave them in the comment box!


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