32 Years Later

To be honest, after my 30th birthday one just stops counting lol!

More of what happens when you’ve made it around the sun 1 more time is you start to look back. And when I look back, I personally ask questions.

Am I living a life I can be proud of?

Am I making a difference (no matter how small or insignificant)?

What are my goals for this year?

How can I be better?

Do I have any regrets?

You know, those life questions.

I think slowly but surely I am. Sure I’ve got my issues, who doesn’t? But when it all comes down to it, if I could do it all over again would I change anything?

If you asked me in my 20s, I would definitely say yes. Yes, I would change a lot of things. You see, I’m extremely insecure. Especially in my 20s. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t do enough, I didn’t have enough. And when people would ask if I had any regrets I would say “yes” without hesitation.

As I’m writing this, now 32 years old, I look back and ask, “Would I change anything?” I like to think another year older, a little bit wiser. I’m starting to love me for who I am at this very moment, I appreciate all the life lessons that God has thrown my way, and I realized that as cliche as it sounds everything does really happen for a reason. We may never know why or really be able to fully accept those things, but one thing is for sure – it will make you wiser if you let it.

I’m grateful that as life events, good and bad, have come my way I have been able to learn from it. It has shaped and molded me into the woman I am today. 

So would I do it over again? Yes, heck yes. Would I change anything? No, absolutely not. I can finally say with confidence that  I am extremely grateful for the life I have led. I hope to say that I will continue to live a life with no regrets and with grace and dignity.

This is me, 32 years later. My life is messy. I don’t get dressed up. I don’t even take time in the mornings to get ready. I don’t really buy expensive things. I believe in making sacrifices and smart investments. I’d pick going to lunch and having great conversations over going to the movies. I love trying new places and seeing new things. I don’t like scary movies. I like TV shows. I prioritize my life around 3 main things – faith, love, and business. I have a business mind with a loving heart.  I’m more about quality over quantity. I’m me and I’m finally starting to love that.

Sometimes I look and cringe at this photo, but you know what, this is me. This is what I look like practically every day. Short hair pulled up, just eyeliner, and in work out clothes.  😝

So cheers everyone! May we all live a life we can be proud of today and every day!



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