Why Winging it Doesn’t Always Work

I’ve always been the type to “wing it.” I work well under pressure and  come up with my best ideas when the going gets tough.

My process of thinking is really hard to explain. I’m organized and messy at the same time. My mind is extremely messy, a million thoughts running through my head constantly. I’m very spontaneous. if one of the million ideas in my head sounds like an excellent idea (good isn’t good enough, got to be excellent lol) I jump in head first without really hesitating. But while being spontaneous is a lot of fun, it isn’t really good for business – specifically business growth.

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Running 4 businesses isn’t easy. Almost every minute of my waking day (actually sometimes even when I’m asleep) I am being pulled in so many different directions. My email inbox alone holds new challenges and problems that need to be solved. I come across lots of different people every single day (restaurant work perks). Because of this the possibility of new opportunities arise every day. Not to mention the endless possibilities that social media has put at our finger tips. People reach out wanting to pick my brain, ask for my advice, and I love every minute of it. Definitely wouldn’t have it any other way. I love helping and interacting with people! 

But, you can see how I can get easily distracted and deter from my long term goals and my to do list.

See, the tools that keep goals and tasks aren’t as interesting as people are. To me at least. I’d rather socialize than read and reflect on goals. But as a business owner I can’t go with the flow and wing it every day. A girl’s got to buckle down and get work done or her businesses won’t grow!

Every business owner’s thought process is different. But for me personally I have to think from the outside in. Let me explain.

Let’s say, for instance, that I want to start a successful blog. Great! That right there is proof of thinking from the outside in. I see the end product and then I have to break that end product into steps. Outside. In.

So let’s figure out how to start a successful blog. Let’s answer the basic questions: what, why, where, who?

What? A successful blog.

Why? Do you love to write? Take photos? Do you want to create your own schedule? Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Do you have a passion with sharing? Documenting? Do you want to make a million dollars? Be completely honest with yourself and figure out why you are starting this.

Where? Your blog will probably be online. What blog service will you be using?

Who? Who is going to buy what you’re selling? Who will contribute to your success? Who is your customer?

Those basic questions are you solving the big problem but answering the minuscule detailed questions. That’s how I think. End product first (outside), create the plan (in).

Naturally, it’s hard to be honest with ourselves and to answer detailed questions. Winging it won’t get you to focus on figuring out the answers. But this is one of the keys to successful businesses! Focus, drive, small steps, and little victories – let’s work on hustling for success together.


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