June Wishlist

I have a funny way of shopping. I don’t shop on a regular basis for clothes or shoes. I probably shop for clothes 2 or 3 times a year or when something finally has a hole in it. I get sad that I have to part ways with it. But when it comes to home accessories, tech stuff, and office supplies I’m all about it! 

I recently got a stay cool/hot tumbler and it’s only the 2nd day and I love it already! It’s a 30 oz. tumbler, I like that I only have to refill my cup a minimum of 3 times to get my daily water intake. No moisture on the outside, the ice doesn’t melt right away….ahhhh dream come true. I know, first world problems right? 

I have had my eye on these markers for a while, have no idea why I haven’t bought them yet. But for those of you that are hand letter enthusiasts like me, Crayola markers are my favorite to use! The tips are really sturdy so they last longer than the felt tips I’ve used in the past. And these Super Tips are the perfect size. If you love variety theses are also sold in larger packs.

Here’s my 1 home appliance that I want to buy – an air fryer! I’ve heard pretty good things about this Black and Decker model, considering it’s compact and affordable. I’m thinking I’d start out with this one, after all Charlie and I are only a family of 2 so we don’t need a larger capacity for now.

As you start to accumulate things in your home anything you can do to save or maximize storage space becomes really important. These collapsible colanders have become really useful, I already have a large rectangular one that can expand and collapse to fit perfectly on my sink.

Charlie and I are not professional bartenders by any means, but we like to enjoy a good cocktail at home. And when we host parties we love to have sangria, cold beer, and spirits for people to enjoy at our little bar cart we bought last year. I’m eyeing this bar tool set on Amazon. It’s got everything you need to make a great cocktail and every piece has a home so you’re not misplacing it.

What are the things on your wish list for this month?


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