For the Women Who Do it All – Happy Mother’s Day

This year, I have really felt my mom’s presence in my life. I can feel her watching over me and picture her smile. I’ve had lots and lots of dreams about her, almost like she’s checking to see what’s going on with all of us lately. One thing I do know is that she wants us to thrive, be successful, and be happy. I remember the days when I would be sad as a little girl and I would run to her crying, she would rub my back and tell me not to cry anymore. Just that simple gesture would get me to stop crying. And this year, that’s what I feel she is telling me this Mother’s Day. Don’t cry, love others. So for once, I’ll listen to my mom. 😜

Growing up I had a lot of women in my life that are like moms to me. They would babysit me, take me out, pick me up from school, cook for me, comfort me when I’m sad, give me advice, the whole 9. And this year, I want to make sure you’re acknowledged and loved. To my aunts, grandmas, and family friends – thank you for being there for me. You took me in, treated me like your own, cared for me, and loved me. You helped shape me to the woman I am today. I hope you all know that I am grateful, that I love you, and I am blessed to have you in my life. Most of you have children of your own and you made time and space for me in your family, thank you for that.

I hope that one day I could be just like my mom and all the amazing women in my life. They do it all, they don’t complain, and they do it out of love. I strive every day to be a better woman, wife, and friend. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. You deserved to be appreciated, respected, and loved today and every day for all that you do!


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