Living Every Moment with Purpose

So many negative things are happening in our world. Lots of things within my own country and even more throughout the world. You know when you’ve just had enough of something? Today is the day for me, I guess. I’ve just had enough.

I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable but I try to keep up with what’s happening in world news and current events. There’s always something bad happening that makes me look at the world and just go, “WTF?!” Yesterday it’s one thing, today it’s another, tomorrow it’ll be something else. Tragedy after tragedy, and the weird thing is it still breaks my heart. You’d think I’d get desensitized but no.

I just wanted to write today to remind myself of something – there will always be negativity, sadness, and evil in this world so just focus on trying to spread light. Even just a little. No matter how small or insignificant I may be, I want to focus on making people’s days better.

People walk in to my place of business 6 days a week. I interact with hundreds of people every week, maybe more. This week, for some reason, I wanted to focus on the few people that didn’t like me. They had the power to bring me down. But today I finally said no. I’ve decided that I’m going to learn from negativity and try not to linger on it. I’m going to keep choosing kindness, keep working hard, and keep focusing on the people that see value in me.

So if you’re still reading I just want you to help me hold myself accountable. I want to live every moment with purpose. Even if it’s just a small dent, I want to help make people lives better and brighter. I want my businesses and my career to have a positive impact. I want to remember I’m an entrepreneur because of those 2 words – positive. impact.

I didn’t become an entrepreneur for praise, to impress people, or to be popular. I’m an entrepreneur because I knew that there are people out there that want, need, and appreciate what I have to offer.

I should focus on them.


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