April Goal Setting

April 1st, WTF?! I can’t freaking believe it.

April is a big month of the year for me. Mainly because I run all my businesses in quarters and in April I look at my numbers and see where they all stand. I do comparisons from the previous year,  but more importantly I adjust and revisit my plan of attack of the year.

Things can change really quickly. Even in a short 3 months into the year a lot can happen. So in April here’s my game plan:

  1. Revisit the Ninong’s sales and come up with a focus for me and my team for the next quarter.
  2. Create our detailed game plan for Ninong’s next steps (can’t say more than that at the moment).
  3. Focus my creative juices on preparing for Las Vegas Market for CO Creative Cartel.
  4. Have CO join as many craft shows as we can.
  5. Start filming for GBF again.
  6. Implement my new blogging plan and make it a habit.
  7. Utilize my planner more.
  8. Enjoy my day off more, which means utilize my work hours.
  9. Create more video content.
  10. Take more photos. Visual content is what makes your words more interactive.


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