14 Day Blogging Challenge

So starting today I’m committing to writing 14 days in a row. Why?

Mainly because I’ve always been talking about how I want to get ahead of my blog schedule so that each post has intention, meaning, and valuable content instead of just spewing out whatever crosses my brain. My brain is in constant motion and is always thinking, it just doesn’t want to turn off. It’s great most of the time, except the rest of the time it just makes me forget a point and I start rambling which is just a waste of time for everyone.

So this is my first post! You guys won’t necessarily see 14 days in a row of posts but I just wanted to put this put this post onto my blog just to keep myself accountable. That and when I write on here I feel an immense responsibility to follow through with it. Thanks to planning ahead I’m going to be posting regularly on here and hope that future posts will be informative, inspiring, emotion, and relatable. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and I can’t wait to share what I have in store. 🙂



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