I Closed Escrow on my First House Sale!

To give you a little background, here is the bio on my real estate website.

Since I was 7 years old I was immersed in the world of real estate thanks to my mom, Angelica. She was a Realtor for over 23 years and loved every minute of it. In 2007 [at the beginning of the Great Recession], she convinced me to get my [real estate] license and join her team. It was her dream to be a mother-daughter duo. In January of 2016, my mom passed away from cancer and I had a difficult decision to make – to leave the real estate industry behind or continue despite her absence. Obviously, I chose the latter. Practicing real estate is how I feel close and connected to my mom. She had a legacy of loyalty, dedication, trust, and honesty with her clients and I intend to uphold all those traits. This is in honor of you, Mom. An amazing woman, mom, and a damn good Realtor.

This past week, we had the opportunity to help a couple buy their first home. After searching and searching, they found a house they love! We opened escrow right before we left for the Philippines, perfect timing right? *rolls eyes* There were definitely bumps along the way and I wasn’t here for most of the process. But my team and I learned so much. I’m so thankful they held it down while I was gone. The moment we closed escrow was such a relief. To be able to tell our buyers that they were officially home owners was one of the best feelings. The feeling you have of helping people will always outweigh the selfish painful emotions I feel.

My mom has been an inspiration for almost all the businesses I’ve started in some way. In a way, she has been my muse. When I had to decide whether or not to continue real estate it was a tough decision for me. There could only be 2 outcomes from deciding to do real estate without her – that it would be too emotionally painful because it reminds me too much of my mom or that it would give me immense comfort because it reminds me too much of my mom. I think choosing to continue without her has challenged me to be strong despite the painful feelings of not having her here. It has pushed me to embrace these feelings and channel them into making something good out of it. I’m so glad that I decided to continue this journey.

The feeling I have when I have the opportunity to help people will always outweigh the selfish painful emotions I feel of not having my mom to do real estate with me.

Congratulations to our clients on your brand new house! I hope that you make many memories there and make that house your home. Thank you for working with us and trusting us to go on this journey with you, it was an honor.



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