Apps I use To Stay Organized

I’m quite the productivity nerd. I can geek out over productivity methods and apps all day long. In fact, if you see my recent YouTube activity it’s mostly on productivity app reviews and “plan with me” videos for the Happy Planner that I bought. No shame in the game 😛

For the longest time I’ve tried to find a system for myself that worked for me. I tried going strictly paper, strictly technology, and they both didn’t work. I finally feel like I might have found a hybrid of both paper and technology that helps me be as productive as possible. 

One of the apps I use is Evernote. I actually signed up for Evernote a long long time ago and couldn’t figure out how to make it work for me. Last year I decided that I would use it and go all in. So I scoured the internet to figure out how other people use it. After using it for 4 months I feel like I finally figured out how I can fit it into my daily life. Now that I consider myself more of an intermediate user, I’ve been able to take my set up to another level that I think/hope will work best for me. Evernote is now my main hub where all my goals lie and I set it up so that my long term goals are at the forefront. More on that in another post. I’ll be sharing my set up in the next couple weeks in a video for you all. Hopefully you’ll be able to take something away from my set up that will help with a set up of your own.

The 2nd app that I recently started using this year is Todoist. Katie and I started using it after the new year and we love it already! I actually decided to use this app specifically because everyone on YouTube kind of raves about it. I saw a few YouTubers use it in the way that I can kind of use in my own daily set up so I decided to tweak it a little and start implementing. So far it’s been everything I’ve wanted and more. Todoist is what I use to break down my long term goals I put into Evernote into more manageable weekly and daily tasks. If you guys are interested I’ll also be making a video of how I set up my Todoist for you too.

My main goal with using these productivity apps is to help me not waste my time. I’m not interested in wasting any seconds of the day. I want to maximize my time so that I can have more time for things that make me happy. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes! 🙂


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