2017 Card Designs and building my Product Line

I can’t believe there are only 2 weeks left in December! This holiday season was one of our best yet, I’m so grateful! But I don’t have much time to celebrate. I’m ready to take 2017 on by storm!

First thing’s first, vacation. 😉

Then it’s beast mode! We’re doing a trade show in the summer and I’ve been planning since last year. I’ve been working on new designs, refining my current line, and restocking our best sellers after the holiday season. 

I really want my 2017 designs to reflect me, what I like, and what I’m about and I think the designs are progressing nicely. 🙂 I’m really starting to build my confidence as I go and the more I sketch. 

As a designer, I’m my worst critic. Nothing is ever good enough for me but what I’m starting to see is that those things that I thought were “imperfections” are actually more like personality. It’s what makes my designs unique!

Do you ever suffer from confidence issues? Especially when you compare yourself to the other awesome people in your field? Happens to me all the time. But what I learned is that if I keep at it and don’t get lazy I gain more confidence. I think simply because I’m focused and I don’t have time to love other people’s work more than I love my own lol!


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