Best Sellers at Unique LA this Weekend – Stuff we Make

Can you believe it’s December 1st? I don’t know about you but Charlie and I have a crazy month of December and then it’s off to see my Dad, Lola, and family in the Philippines for 3 weeks!

Our hectic schedule begins with Unique LA this weekend and I have to say, I have so much fun at this show. I’ve made so many friends, met so many great people, and have really been able to put my products in front of a really big audience whenever I do this show. They think about the vendors and the customers that shop so that we’re all happy campers and I think the positive vibes really show.

Get your tickets now at!
Get your tickets now at!

I’m particularly excited about this show, it’s our 4th year participating and probably 6th or 7th show! Can’t believe time has flown by that fast. We’re super prepared and have tons of product ready for you by this weekend, including our best selling cards, some available in boxed sets and all available individually. 😀


Hope to see you all at Unique LA this weekend! I’ll be posting some awesome finds on our Instagram stories so don’t forget to give us a follow. Let’s shop small together!



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