Interview with Sharespark Media – Stuff we Like

I’ve known Heather since we were in 1st grade. We have countless memories together growing up – doing stupid things, making video projects for school, going on AOL, and playing video games (more like she played and I watched). I have countless memories with her all of which I treasure.

This past year she started her first small business, Sharespark Media. I was honored when she went to me to ask for advice. If you guys read my blog at all, you know how excited I am when people in my generation see that entrepreneurship is an option. When I got her call, I could see the passion she had for her company and after a few months she was up and going.

A few months later she asked me to do a interview for her Youtube Channel and it was so much fun! It was just like talking to her one-on-one and only took us 1 take. Here’s one part of the interview.

Thanks again Het for having me on your Youtube Channel! It was so much fun, hope to be on there agin some time!






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