2016 Holiday Cards are now Available! – Stuff we Make

I am in full Christmas mode over here! These designs below (and more!) are on our website NOW and are available in single cards and boxed sets.

I know this is silly to say, but I’m making the holidays magical this year damnit! 😛 I was very blessed growing up. My mom, dad, aunts, and uncles made Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve very special for me and my cousins when we were kids. We dressed up, had planned out full menus, and really fun parties. When I reminisce back to those days it makes me so happy.

When I designed these cards I remembered the days of when I was a kid and all the feels I felt during this time of year. It’s a time for family, friends, giving, selflessness, and faith. It’s why it’s my favorite time of the year (pun intended). When I close my eyes I remember the multicolored Christmas lights that rimmed my childhood home. They never came down and stayed up all year long lol. The day after Thanksgiving, they would finally be turned on.


I remember trying to eat a fake glittered strawberry ornament and crying my eyes out cuz it was disgusting lol! Since then I’ve stuck to the normal round not-food-looking ornaments.


I hope you have a happy, festive, and loving holiday season this year! Spend time with loved ones, give the gift of love, and fill your heart with the warmth of the season!



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