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This is happening today guys! As an entrepreneur I have a hard time stepping away from my businesses to go to a polling station but I’m still voting.

TBH, as the 1st generation child of immigrant parents I feel a little different. I’ve discussed this with other people in my situation and the consensus is we tend to agree. We consider ourselves American, yes, but we also consider ourselves Filipino. We’re neither 100% American or 100% Filipino and it truthfully puts us in a really weird position. Not only that, but it gives us a really unique perspective.


I don’t need to tell any of you how important it is for you to vote in this election. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, what to believe in, change your mind about a candidate or certain policies, or make you think like me. I’m just saying that whatever you believe in, vote for it. Don’t just not vote. You may think you don’t have a voice or oppositely, you may think that people don’t listen to all the things you’re trying to say. Well here’s your opportunity to have a say. I’ll admit, yes, a small say. Most of us want to have a huge effect on people and our posts/opinions to reach far and beyond our expectations. But if you don’t vote, what’s the point of having any say at all? Big or small? Think about it.

So go vote. Make time and do it.




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