Oceanside Vacation Recap – Stuff we Like

And here we are, it’s been a few days since we’ve been back to reality. That was quick lol!

If you didn’t know, Charlie decided to take me on a quick getaway for our 5 year wedding anniversary this year. Man, we both needed it. This year has been really rough for the both of us and I don’t know about him but I was spent. Extremely burnt out. To the point where despite all the good things that were going on I just couldn’t get past the bad. So when he said that he was willing to take me somewhere I made sure all the businesses were as prepared as possible so I can make sure we can go lol!

Charlie got us an Airbnb in “South O” (South Oceanside) 4 blocks from the beach. It was awesome. If you follow me on Snapchat (@cartel_co) I posted a video of the place we stayed at and the cute kitty that greeted us at the door. Charlie and I love the vibe and community feeling of a small beach town and South O was just that. There were tons of great places to visit and eat. We checked in on Saturday and decided to explore our surroundings on Sunday. We walked over to Carlsbad State Beach and explored Carlsbad Village during the day and then ended at Cassidy Beach for the sunset.

Ignore the our beach hair 😛
Steps to Carlsbad Beach



We checked out on Monday morning and headed straight to Heritage Park in Dana Point where we had our wedding ceremony 5 years ago. It was a gorgeous day. Nice a clear with a few clouds, a slight cool breeze, and the sun was out.

Pathway leading up to the ceremony area
Pathway leading up to the ceremony area
View from the parking lot
View from the parking lot

It was still as breathtaking as I remembered it to be. Our ceremony was on the edge of a hillside that overlooked the marina and ocean in Dana Point. I actually never knew about this place until we were looking for ceremony locations and I’m so glad I found it. It was everything I was looking for.

Our ceremony location
The view from the overlook

We stayed there for a bit, played our wedding song, and prayed. This was definitely the highlight of our trip for me!

After that we were able to spend time with Charlie’s family before heading home. We went to Captain Kidd’s in Redondo Beach with his mom and dad. We laughed and talked over fresh steamed crab and seafood. Then we had dinner at our favorite poke spot in Socal, Jus Poke in Redondo with his brother and brother’s girlfriend. Perfect way to cap off our trip!



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