Owning a Business is Hard – No. 3


Ain’t it the truth.

Ugh, on the real guys. Entrepreneur life has not been great for me lately and I could not figure out why. All businesses are growing, I’m getting help with the work load, can’t really complain.

For the past few weeks I’ve just felt a little blah and burnt out. I didn’t feel like writing, working, creating product..nothing. I was harboring it because I felt like I shouldn’t be complaining when good things are happening. And then one day it just spilled out. Charlie and I were eating dinner in our living room when I suddenly said, “I feel burned out.” He asked why and it forced me to really think about why I feel this way. When I put it out into the universe, the universe responded. It was negativity. It slowly chipped away at me and I didn’t realize it until I was negative too.

Being in the business of customer service is hard. Those that have never worked a job in customer service consider yourself lucky lol! Especially the retail or restaurant industry, WOOWEE! Any type of work place where you are serving a large amount of customers in a day(I imagine working in a place like a hospital is the exact same thing) boy oh boy, it takes a toll on you. People can be very critical, totalitarian, and really mean. Our job in the customer service industry is to try to add a little positivity to your day, and I really try to do that every day I go to work. Really, I do. Customer or employee I try to be a positive person to everyone I’m around. There isn’t one day that I walk into work saying, “My goal is to make people mad at me.” I’ve never said that, ever. I can’t please everyone, I get that and I try to remember that every day. But what about when you don’t feel like being positive? What about when you’re having a bad day? When you get up on the wrong side of bed? When something bad happened to you or your family? Doesn’t matter in customer service. We have to be on (those in customer service will know what I’m talking about) regardless of our personal lives or how we feel. That’s what happened to me.

Working in customer service has helped me to mask my real emotions. I’m starting to get good at it and it’s not a good thing. The more I let it simmer, the more I push it down, the harder it is to snap out of it. But you know what? It’s getting better. It’s not going to happen over night, but slowly it is getting better.

Every business owner goes through it, the discouragement demons are real guys. And when it hits it’s no joke. If you’re there like I am just remember:

  1. You’re awesome
  2. You’re not alone
  3. Don’t quit
  4. Don’t focus on the bad
  5. Recognize every victory, even the small ones
  6. Give yourself time to snap out of it

As for me, I’m taking it day by day. I’m taking time every morning to pray, I try to write down little victories throughout the day, but most of all I’m giving myself time. So if you’re where I’m at right now don’t get discouraged guys. It happens even to the best of them. Just keep your chin up and keep working through it.



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