What are my Goals for this Blog?

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately regarding business and online presence. Writers always ask what the purpose of your blog is and I always thought I knew my answer. To write about stuff I like, stuff I eat, and stuff I make.

But one article I read made me think deeper than that. What is my real reason for this blog? Why do I write about those things? So I thought about it for a while.

“Can’t I just write about what I want? What’s wrong with that? Do I really need to have a purpose to write?”

The answers are yes and no, nothing, and YES. ABSOLUTELY YES.

So I thought about it more, and what is my purpose in writing this blog? What the heck are my goals?!

  1. To share. I’m a firm believer of sharing information that can help others. In personal or professional life I’m an open book and are usually willing to share.
  2. To vent. Writing is a way for me to express myself. It’s one of my favorite ways to express myself, actually. I’ve written about happy moments, sad moments, more happy moments, and more sad moments. It’s an online journal for me. A place where I can chronicle a part of my life. There are days where I just go to the website and read all the things that have happened and changed since I started blogging in 2007. Wow, almost 10 years! Didn’t realize that til now 😛
  3. To promote my business. I like to mix a little personal and professional on here. My businesses are my life. I live and breathe it! I dunno, it’s fun lol! As weird as it is for me to say that, that is the purpose of this blog. It shares the name to my online store for a reason and I can’t forget that is the main purpose.

I think all in all I just want people to see the personal connection I have to all the things I design as well as the person behind the product. As I’ve grown as an business woman I’ve seen that the connection between me and my products becomes closer and closer. I used to believe that I could keep them separate. But as time passed I realized that that isn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to create things that I would use. If I didn’t see function or beauty in it then who would?



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