5 Week Challenge Status Update – Week 2

Hi everyone!

I am now venturing onto week 3 of my personal goal to lose 15 lbs in 5 weeks (3 lbs a week). Here’s a status update on how I’ve been doing…

So week 1 went by without a hitch. I shared with you my personal diet plan last week and it worked well for me. I lost 3 lbs. within 5 days. I was eating well, keeping track of my food in my #COfitnessjournal, and exercising regularly. Then comes week 2. Oh week 2, why did you forsake me?!

I was still on the same diet and exercise plan, but when I weighed in on Monday how much did I lose? 0.4 lbs. Zero. Point. Four. WHAT?! Arghhhhh! I wanted to scream! I was extremely discouraged. I started to think wtf is the point of doing this if nothing is going to happen? Why not have french fries and chips then?! Why not stuff my face?

I threw myself a pity party for the morning. I allowed myself to feel frustrated and then just said to myself, “Kissa, it doesn’t matter. The scale doesn’t define your success here. Your diet and exercise do. The number on the scale is the product of your determination at having a healthy lifestyle. So screw what the scale says today. It will say something different next time as long as you keep at it.”

So I am. I’m choosing to keep at it. I’m on week 3 now and decided to make some updates to my diet:

  1. I lowered my carb intake to 55g of carbs instead of 75g
  2. I am going to keep my workout plan the same (coming soon)
  3. Although I shouldn’t have weighed myself until Monday I did. And you know what, the scale showed me a different number. 🙂 I’m down 3 lbs. since I weighed in 3 days ago! Woot woot! This means I’m now 5.1 lbs. down in a span of 2.5 weeks. I have every intention of still losing a total of 15 lbs. in 5 weeks so I’m going to make up for the lack of weight loss by adding the 3.3 I didn’t lose to the rest of my remaining weeks. This means I need to now lose about 3.96 lbs. per week (let’s just say 4 lbs.) to stay on goal.

Moral of the story kids, don’t give up just because you might have had a bad day (in my case a bad weigh in). As long as you keep at it and work hard change will happen. The number on the scale will eventually show it. 🙂



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