1 Week until Unique LA!

We’re knee deep in Unique LA Prep! If you haven’t heard of it Unique LA is a market where artisans and small businesses, like myself, can sell our products and get face-to-face with our customers. I love doing shows like this because of that fact. As an ecommerce store owner you don’t really get to meet your customers and shows like Unique LA give us that opportunity.

This past week I’ve been focused on getting our booth all set up and fawncy 🙂 If you follow us on Snapchat (cartel_co) you saw us putting together our collapsible table that Charlie made this past week. Sorry for the bad quality photo, it took us all day to make so I didn’t have any natural light left when we finished.

Charlie measuring before he cuts

Pieces coming together

Completed Folding Table

Next step – setting up the booth at home and then staining the wood. I’m still waiting on product from 1 manufacturer and have a bunch of cards to make (trying to remain calm :)) so Friday and Tuesday will be my big push to get things done and printed.

Hope all you vendors participating are more ready than I am! And I hope to see the rest of you next week at Unique LA!



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