Can’t Have it All

I think I remember posting about this years ago but I can’t find it lol. But I’m here to tell you, for us over achievers, we can’t have it all. That’s just the reality. If I could have it all I would be 20 lbs. lighter, I would be more financially secure, my mom would still be here…my list can go on. But I can’t. I can’t have it all and that’s okay now.

But! I can do anything I set my mind to.

you can do anything

I’m a woman of many hats. I’m a wife, a daughter, a Christian, an owner of 2 businesses, a homeowner, I’m a boss, I write a blog, I’m an artist…I’m only human. I think a lot of people can relate to the idea of having a lot on their plate.

If only things were different…

If money didn’t matter…

If I had more time…”

Have you ever said those things to yourself? I have. All the time. I still do. But life has taught me that all doesn’t matter. God has taught me there is no point. Those “if’s” are nothing but a waste of my time.

  1. Things aren’t different. Things are the way they are and only you can change your attitude about your situation. Start with having grace, that’s where I always start.
  2. Money does matter, but’s not the most important thing. You can only work with what you have. Be grateful for what you have, give it back, and work hard for a better future. Don’t work hard for more money.
  3. We all have 24 hours in a day. That’s all. Will you take advantage of every waking moment? Will you take care of your body so you can be at your best? Will you rest properly? Work hard? Or will you waste your time? Will you stay on social media and read about what other people are doing instead of creating opportunities for yourself? I’m not always productive. A lot of time if I’m having an emotional day or if I’m overwhelmed I shut down and don’t want to do anything. But then I complain about how I don’t have enough time. I’m working hard at structuring my time so I can make time to achieve my personal and professional goals. I day at a time. I try to remind myself that I can only do so much.

I’m where I am in life, personally and professionally, because of 2 things. One: God’s timing. Two: my own doing. Up until recently I struggled to see the value in what I had to offer anyone. I’ve never wanted to be the type to just float though life and go unnoticed. Truth be told, I was starting to feel like that’s what was happening in my life. Now, I understand God’s timing. I might not always be happy with the cards I’m dealt, but I understand. And now I know what I need to do – be myself and do the best I can. I may not be able to have it all, but I can definitely do anything I set my mind to.



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