Product Prep Spring 2016

I’m so not good at releasing products. As an artist I just go with the flow of what I want to design when I feel like it. But as a business owner this system doesn’t always work. When thinking about all of you – my awesome customers – I have to think one step ahead to make sure I have equally awesome product for you guys when you’re ready to shop!

I’ve been doing a lot of planning lately – thinking about NSS for next year, what that means for the rest of this year, upcoming product releases and improvements, Unique LA prep…like I said. Lots of planning. But what has been difficult for me is executing that plan.

I released our Mother’s Day collection back in our March post. You can’t believe how proud I was of myself to release it before April!


In a couple weeks I’ll be releasing our new product which will be premiering at Unique LA! I just submitted our order to the manufacturer and I’m so excited to share it with you guys. In the meantime here are some fun patterns we’ve been working on.

Spring 2016 Patterns and Designs
Spring 2016 Patterns and Designs

I haven’t created patterns in some time and this was so fun for me! I can’t wait to brainstorm on the next wave of patterns I want to create as we expand our line. But first thing’s first – I’ve got to start thinking about photographing and showcasing these designs!

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