Road to NSS 2017

It’s been a career long dream of mine to go to the National Stationery Show in New York. For the past 6 years it was never in the cards for me, until this year! The stars aligned and I am going as an attendee to walk the show. Flight and stay is officially booked so there’s no turning back! I’m determined to be an exhibitor in 2017. Determined!

I’ve decided to start planning and budgeting now since I am on a strict/low budget. Thanks to the tons of information I got and learned at Papercamp I’m equipped with as much as I can to have a successful first show. I’m so excited!

I started with the fun stuff, researching cute and functional booth designs. I’ve done different kinds of trade shows and craft shows during my time in business and NSS booths are just the prettiest hands down. Maybe I’m biased because of all the awesome paper eye candy. Then, I created my planning spreadsheet that has my budget, to do list, and expenses all in one place. Not so fun, but spreadsheets are still mah jam. 🙂

So here we go guys! Let’s see where this road takes us!

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